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How to Know When
It's Time to See Your GYN

You're Experiencing Pelvic Pain

There are different kinds of pelvic pain — from sharp to dull and aching — but they all warrant a trip to the doctor.

You've Noticed Unusual Discharge

Vaginal discharge is normal — it’s your body’s way of staying clean and healthy. But if you notice any green, gray or yellow discharge paired with a bad odor, it’s time to book an appointment with a gynecologist.

Your Periods Are Suddenly Erratic

All cycles are different, but if you’ve never had a heavy period and all of a sudden you’re going through multiple pads or tampons, you’ll want to talk to a doctor. The same goes for missed periods, especially if you aren’t trying to get pregnant.

It's Been a Year or More Since Your Last Visit

While it’s true that most women don’t need a Pap test every year, you still need to see your gynecologist annually for a pelvic exam, which checks for cysts, STDs and other issues.

You're Having Mid-Cycle Bleeding

A little spotting between periods is usually nothing to worry about, but heavy or painful bleeding in the middle of your cycle could signal a bigger issue.

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With OB/GYN services offered at nearly 20 health centers across southeast Louisiana, convenient care is never hard to find. And now, extended hours are available at select locations in Bayou, Baton Rouge, New Orleans and on the Northshore.

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Brooke Schexnaildre, MD, and Ashley Vanwormer, MD, discuss how a counseling visit can help you find an OB/GYN you’re comfortable with.