Erectile dysfunction, or ED, could be the result of many factors and requires discussion to figure out.


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Is ED usually caused by low

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If ED affects your life, be sure to discuss it with your doctor.

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5 Frequently asked questions 
about erectile dysfunction.


Most men have enough testosterone to maintain erections — even after age 60.

In general, correcting a low-testosterone problem will not return normal erections because testosterone and erections are separate things with different treatments.

Does ED only affect "old men?"



More than half of men 40 or older have experienced erectile dysfunction.

Even college-age men aren’t exempt; up to 7 percent of undergraduates have experienced ED.



Is ED usually all in your head?


Less than 10% of ED cases happen because of psychological reasons—and that usually occurs in younger patients.

Almost three-quarters of ED cases are caused by existing medical conditions like diabetes or heart disease, habits like smoking or drinking, or medications.



Can men with ED have orgasms?


Yes, the blood vessels and nerves that control the ability to obtain an erection aren’t the same ones related to sexual desire, sensation in the penis or ability to experience climax.

Even if nerve damage keeps a man from getting an erection, he can almost always still reach orgasm.



Is ED permanent?


The causes of ED are often hard to reverse, but options for treatment are available for almost anyone. The most common treatment options include:

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Answers to the Most Common Questions about ED

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  • Oral drugs like Cialis or Viagra
  • Injections
  • Vacuum constriction devices
  • Suppository pellets
  • Implantable penile prosthetics

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