Testosterone replacement therapy could help — 
but it’s not for everyone.

Testosterone, a very important male hormone, helps power a man’s sex drive, reproductive abilities, even the development of muscle and bone. Production peaks in early adulthood so a gradual decline in testosterone is natural with age, but the degree varies by person.

When testosterone levels get too low, as measured with a blood test, the condition is called hypogonadism. Symptoms often include lower sex drive and overall energy levels, an increase in body fat and reduction in muscle mass, and feelings of moodiness or laziness.


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Who is a candidate?

TRT products aren't for everyone. The FDA has approved testosterone replacement therapy only for men whose hypogonadism is caused by problems in the testes or the brain - not for cases of age-related low testosterone. In fact, the American Urological Association has expressed concern about "misuse" of TRT for nonmedical reasons such as preventing age-related changes.

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Learn the truth 
about Low T


Ochsner physicians can prescribe testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to help raise levels of the hormone. Many forms of testosterone are available, but no oral agent can be used because the liver will consume oral types. Injections, topical gels, patches and other forms are available, and the method is tailored to the person.

What about over-the-counter options?

True testosterone products can't be bought over the counter; they're Class III controlled substance, which can be obtained only by prescription. That means that legally, over-the-counter supplements do not contain testosterone. Supplements aren't always regulated by the FDA, so there's no guarantee of effectiveness or that the supplements contain the ingredients listed on the label.

What precautions will my doctor take?

Before starting TRT, your healthcare provider at Ochsner will evaluate possible causes of low testosterone. Side effects or treatment can include acne, breast tenderness, blood thickening polyps, liver dysfunction and fluid retention. Regular exams and labs are part of the ongoing TRT program and vary with the person.

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Dr. Gregory Larsen offers these 4 steps to help decrease your risk of Low T.


Maintain a normal weight.

Manage stress levels.



Build muscle mass.


Don’t skimp on sleep.

Before starting TRT, your healthcare provider will evaluate possible causes of low testosterone.

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